Residential Services

Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living provides a holistic approach to support adults in a 24 hour a day setting.  People’s emotional, medical, physical and social needs are taken into consideration in supporting each person to live fulfilling lives each day.

Staff are professionals in the development sector and provide guidance to adults in these settings for choice and decision making.  People supported in Residential Services are encouraged and supported to use their community to empower natural connections like friendships and belonging.


Host Family Supports

Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living’s Host Family Supports allow adults with a developmental disability the opportunity to live as part of a family environment.  Individuals are supported to make their own choices and decisions and become as connected to their own community as they chose.


Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living provides supports to adults with a developmental disability living in the community independently.  Supports will be determined and directed by each individual.  Supports will be focused on teaching and guiding people to learn the skills needed to manage their own life in the community.