Passport Services is a Ministry of Community and Social Services funded program that helps individuals with developmental disability to foster social, emotional and community participation skills, promote continuing education and personal development, promote independence, and provide respite to caregivers.

Through Passport Services, individuals and families can choose to either receive funding directly so they can purchase their own services and supports, and/or get services and supports through community-based agencies, such as Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living who’s fee for service opportunities are flexible and tailored to each individual’s needs.

Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living offers the following services for individuals that receive Passport Funding:

 Information about passport funding

Administering passport funds:

  • For a small administration fee we can manage your funds for you.

Developing yearly plans and budgets:

  • If you choose to purchase services from BPACL, we will support you to develop a plan and a budget, so you can plan your year in advance.

Leisure and recreational activities:

  • You can participate in our recreational and leisure activities. For more information about what activities and events are available visit our events calendar.

Supported volunteer services:

  • If you would like to become a volunteer and give back to your community but need some support our professional staff is willing to help you achieve your goal.


Christi Ronholm

Manager, Community Participation and Community Development


Interested in Passport?

Individuals interested in accessing Passport or any other developmental service in the province of Ontario must contact Developmental Services Ontario.

To contact the DSO South West region:

Phone: 1-855-437-6797