Vision Statement

All people have equal opportunity to participate in community life.


Bruce Peninsula Association for Community Living promotes people participating and contributing fully in their community and becoming all they can be.

Core Values

  • I want to be treated well and I will be kind to others. We play together, we work hard together and we help each other.
  • Support me in making choices about my life.
  • My needs may change at different times in my life.
  • I can count on my worker.
  • I want to be treated fairly and I will advocate to be sure that even those who do not have a voice will be treated fairly also.
  • I want to do my best.
  • I am responsible for my own decisions.
  • Taking part in things I enjoy is important to me, I will work to help the community look at making facilities accessible and be aware of the contributions I can make.
  • I want to learn and try new things.